Queen of Nails



Classic Manicure $20
Elegant Manicure $28
Royal Manicure $36
Signature Manicure $42
Queen Manicure $50

Detox & Organic Pedicure

1. Organic Classic $55
Indulge in a unique, all-organic pedicure experience! This service includes a detoxifying sea salt soak, nail trimming and filing, cuticle grooming and enjoy a relaxing massage using all natural products, Complete this look with Ella + Mila's chemical free polish for eco friendly glamor. Treat your feet to a truly refreshing and eco-conscious pampering session.
2. Organic Elegant $65
The organic elegant pedicure includes everything in the organic classic pedicure. In addition to this service indulge in an organic lavender sugar scrub and a relaxing massage using organic lavender lotion. Finish this pedicure off with Ella Mila's chemical-free polish for a beautiful and environmentally conscious touch. Treat yourself while staying kind to the planet.
3. Organic Royal $75
The organic royal pedicure includes everything in the organic elegant pedicure. In addition to this service includes a gentle exfoliating with organic lavender sugar scrub along with an organic purifying moisture mosque. Complete this look with Ello Mila's chemical free polish for an eco-friendly glamor.
4. Organic Signature $85
Indulge in our signature organic pedicure experience, featuring a luxurious herbal detoxifying foot soak infused with natural ingredients to promote relaxation and alleviates stress. This pampering session includes nail trimming and cuticle grooming. Followed by a soothing organic lavender sugar scrub and melt away as you enjoy a gentle massage with our signature organic lavender lotion and organic purifying mud masque. Complete the indulgence with a warm paraffin wax treatment leaving your feet feeling soft & rejuvenated. Top this pedicure off either Ella + Mila's chemical free polish, ensuring on eco friendly finish to your pampering journey.
5. Organic Queen $95
Embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation with our exquisite organic queen pedicure. Enhance in a therapeutic herbal detoxifying foot sook infused with all natural ingredients. This service includes nail trimming and cuticle grooming, followed by a blissful organic lavender sugar scrub to revitalize and pamper your feet. Surrender to tranquility as you indulge in an organic moisture masque, complemented by a soothing warmth of paraffin wax, a relaxing massage using our signature organic lavender lotion, along with a therapeutic touch of hot stone therapy. Finally, elevating your experience with a flawless finish using Ella + Mila's chemical free polish, adding an eco friendly flourish to your pompering session.


The Classic (30 mins) $30
This classic pedicure service includes nail trimming, shaping and buffering the nails. It also includes cuticle grooving, a relaxing massage, and finishes off with a polish of your choice
The Elegant (40 mins) $40
This elegant pedicure service include everything in the classing. In addition to this service, a skin softener rose petal is included along with a lavender sugar scrub and top it off with callus remover which will leave your feet feeling irresistibly smooth. Finishing off with a relaxing massage using our signature lavender lotion & a polish of your choice.
The Royal (48 mins) $48
This royal pedicure service is an extension version of The Elegant pedicure. In addition to this service, a gentle exfoliation using out signature honey lemon scrub followed along with a collagen-infused hydrating mask, and finish off with a relaxing massage. Complete this pedicure with a polish of your choice.
The Signature (56 mins) $56
Indulge in a nourished experience with VOESH NY all-in-one. Your feet willl be treated to a rejuvenating sea salt soak, a delightful sugar scrub, a nourishing mud masque, a soothing massage, and a moisturizing paraffin wax treatment. Finish this pedicure off with a polish of your choice.
The Queen (1h 05 mins) $65
This queen pedicure service includes The Signature pedicure. Delight in a lavish sea salt scrub, a diligent exfoliation with sugar scrub, a hydration mud masque, a rejuvenating massage, paraffin wax treatment, and a hot stone massage. Completing this pedicure with a polish of your choice. Prepare to be pampered like a royalty as your feet are lavished with pure indulgence, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and rejuvenated

Nail Enhancement

Full Set

Overlay $30 +
Full Set for Hands $35 +
Full Set for Toes $45 +
Color Powder... $45 +
Pink & White $50 +
Pink only $40 +
Gel Powder $40 +
Dipping Powder $45 +
French $50 +
Ombre $60 +
Gel add $15 +
Gel Color extra $20 +


Overlay $25 +
Full Set for Hands $30 +
Full Set for Toes $35 +
Color Powder $35 +
Pink & White $45 +
Pink only $30 +
Gel Powder $30 +

Additional Services

Gel Top Coat $5 +
3 Colors or more $5 +
Length/ Nails Repair $5 +
Coffin- Stiletto- Almond $5 +
Clear Tips/ White Tips $5 +
Two Designs $5 +
French/ American $5 +
Product Removal $10 +
Polish Change Hands $10 +
Polish Change Toes $15 +
Paraffin Hands $8
Paraffin Feet $10 +
Acrylic Toe (1) $7
Acrylic Toe (2) $12 +
Acrylic Toes Fill-in $8 +
+ Manicure ( with enhancement): $10+
+ Sugar Scrub: $5+
+ Massage (10 mins): $10
Hot Stone Massage (10 mins) $15

Kids Menu ( 10 yrs & under)

Manicure $15
Pedicure $25
Gel Polish Add on $10 +
Polish Regular $6
Gel Polish $15
Dip Powder $35
Acrylic Full-Set $30
Acrylic Fill-in $20
Sugar Scrub Add-on $5 +


With the facial service that we provide, we use organic and all-natural ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types even for those with sensitive skin. These products contain no artificial fragrance and also chemical free. These facials will include aromatherapy to help reduce stress and boost your immune system and help with relaxation
Elegant Facial (40 Min) $55
The classic facial includes an exfoliating treatment to help release dead cells and build-ups and steam to open up your pores. Followed by a nourishing mask that is applied to the face and neck. Finish off with a gentle face massage leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Queen Facial (60 Min) $75
Unlock the beauty of your skin with a steamer that will open up your pores, followed by a deep pore cleanse that will remove all impurities and exfoliating to help release dead skin. This queen facial will also include a honey lip scrub and a hot towel for your hand. Finishing off with a mask and a gentle face, neck, and arm/shoulder massage. This facial will leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Additional Services

Dark Eye Prevention $15
Dermawand/ Anti Aging Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles $20
Extra Massage Base on request ( Ask for price)

Eyelashes Extension

Strip $15
Cluster $40 +
Individual Set $120
Individual Fill-ins $75
Eyebrows Tinting $20
Individual $40
One by One $120
Take Off $5


Eyebrows $10 +
Eyebrows Tinting $20 +
Upper Lip $7 +
Chin $8 +
Sideburns $10 +
Full Face $32 +
Under Arms $18 +
Half Arms $25 +
Half Legs $35 +
Full Legs $65 +
Chest $35 +
Back $50 +